Construction Update – Bathrooms

Living room demo debris

God has me doing construction, which isn’t new for me. I’ve been a carpenter for over eight years now. However, I have gotten fairly accustomed to working for someone else. Someone else who can take all the responsibility and headache, loss of sleep and stress. It was a good day when I could simply work my day’s hours and go home. This work, however, is in my own bedroom and living room. It’s a totally different ball game.

I’ll tell you what, full-time ministry is looking really good right now. I’m exhausted and sick of my house being a construction site. I wouldn’t doubt that my wife and sister are fairly exhausted with the whole process as well. We first started this new venture in January when we demoed the living room in order to get to the plumbing  for the existing bathroom. This is what we found:

Oh wait, wrong picture… Well we found a couple of those as well! No, we found some crazy plumbing. We kind of already had guessed that it was going to have to be redone, but this was pretty crazy.

If you read my previous Ministry Update letter, you heard about God’s amazing provision with a plumber. Once the plumber started his thing, it was go time. We didn’t have a working bathroom once the plumbing was torn out, so everyone in the house had to move out for a week… make that two weeks! Thankfully Michelle and I have some amazing friends near-by who are all about our vision and super hospitable. Thanks Ben and Bethany… and Jasmine!

When we pulled the plumbing out, one look at the inside of those massive (and heavy!) cast-iron pipes confirmed that we were doing the right thing by replacing everything. You can see for yourself:

Once that beast was gone I had to work overtime in order to get the bathroom up and running again. Honestly, it sucked. I usually spend a few hours every morning in prayer and scripture, but I just worked and worked and worked… then I had a Drill Weekend… then I worked more. Plus a few hours here and there with my different ministry things that I do. I figure that I put in 107 hours on my bathroom in those two weeks, 16 hours at drill, and 8-10 hours of other ministry things. Ug. Just thinking about it again makes me not want to ever do any construction ever again. We ended up having to completely gut and redo the existing bathroom (not expected, but nice now that it’s not covered in pink/white tile with white/pink grout). Check out the progression:

I’m still not done with the existing bathroom. Some mudding, sanding, painting and some trim work is still needed. Then, on to the new bathroom! Yep. We’re adding a second bathroom upstairs so that our guest can have their own space, and we can have our own space. Once that bathroom is done, then I can close off and finish up the living room. Once THAT is done then I can start replacing all the windows in the house.

Will this ever end?! Save me Jesus!


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About Nathan Banker

Nathan, Michelle and their two sons are occupational ministers in the Twin Cities. They do spiritual mentoring, a form of prayer ministry call Prayer Resolution and help run a small church-like community called Immerse. They dream of changing the world, one person at a time.

9 responses to “Construction Update – Bathrooms”

  1. Steve O says :

    That is one yummy looking pipe…

    • nathanbanker says :

      Yeah, it was great when those pipes were leaking all over my arm and back as we were pulling them out. “Just don’t think about it, Nate. It’s just water… it didn’t come from the toilet… Yes, it did. Dang it.”

  2. Anders Oredson says :

    I’m sorry to hear about your hammer. I really am, and understand. Bathroom looks awesome. Wiring!?! you are lucky the house didn’t burn down.

  3. Kurt says :

    Wow, great shots, what your going through! I have a new appreciation for your house and what’s going on. Interesting the little things you found and wonder how water was able to get threw the pipes! Nice to see the finished base to now work from. Keep up the good work.

    Love Grandpa and Grandma S (:) (:)

  4. Mike Banker says :

    I had dinner with Keith Klemenger. His family had two young single women live with them as they made the transition to motherhood. He said they are like family and that it was one of the most Christian things they ever did and felt closer to God because of it. Words to encourage the two of you.

  5. helen schleicher says :

    Nate and Michelle, Love hearing your comments and thoughts. Hang in there….you are doing a great job…. Love ya, Gramma Helen and Grandpa Kurt

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