Working for healing

20120901-234129.jpgHow far do we take verses like, “seek first my Kingdom” and “Do not work for food that spoils” or “do not worry about what you will eat or drink”? Can we really trust our Father in heaven to provide what he has promised if we give ourselves completely to seeking His kingdom?

I am putting it to the test. If you haven’t heard, I am trying to remodel my home so that i can use it as a place of ministry. I figure since God has blessed me with this 3 bed 1 bath (soon to be 2 bath) 1200 sq ft mansion, I should allow Him to use it to bless others. I can’t say enough how much more satisfying life is when you aren’t simply living for yourself.

Over the last two weeks I would have loved to be working on my house. I have a baby on the way and am going to be training prayer counselors here in less than a month. It would be so great to get my living room put back together soon. But, alas, there was kingdom work to be done. Part of being a missionary to the American church is that you need to triage wounds. Although my house is being built into a hospital for the hurting and dying, I can’t refuse to help those who are bleeding out on my doorstep simply because I am working on their future surgery room.

So for two weeks I partnered with another Prayer Resolution counselor here in Minneapolis and helped an amazing man of God encounter his heavenly Father and receiving healing. It is always an amazing thing to watch God work in someone’s life like that.

But, God, who is going to work on the house while I’m treating your loved ones? I am not able to do multiple things simultaneously like You! If I am helping others, who is helping me? I think that this question is the number one limiting question when it comes to our generosity with our time, money and energy. Who is going to take care of me while I’m busy taking care of everyone else? Specifically, in my case, who is going to work on my house while I’m busy working on your children? That’s when I hear a still small voice say, “Blessed are those who do not see, but still believe. Seek first my kingdom. I will never leave you or forsake you. I know what you need before you even ask for it.”

I am truly blessed. My life is satisfying beyond my dreams. I get to watch God work miracles in people’s lives and trust Him to sustain me. Is there a better way to live?

Sometimes I think that God should give me a paycheck for everything “I do for him.” But, then again, I realize I would rather have God be my Daddy than my boss. Hmmm… This could end up being more like a game of, “betcha can’t out-give me!” between two intimate friends than a worker getting a paycheck owed him for his work.

Re-reading my first paragraph: “Can we really trust our Father in heaven to provide what he has promised if we give ourselves completely to seeking His kingdom?” I realize that we don’t earn his provision because we work so hard that he finally decides to cut us a paycheck. He simply promises to take care of us if we are so busy taking care of others. He is just not okay with us working ourselves into the ground for his sake. It is his desire that we are cared for and protected. Of course that is also his desire for those around us as well, and we just may be God’s answer to someone’s prayers.

If selflessness is central to us in the Kingdom of God, then one of God’s central missions is to provide for everything we need so that we actually have something valuable to give.




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About Nathan Banker

Nathan, Michelle and their two sons are occupational ministers in the Twin Cities. They do spiritual mentoring, a form of prayer ministry call Prayer Resolution and help run a small church-like community called Immerse. They dream of changing the world, one person at a time.

3 responses to “Working for healing”

  1. Michael says :

    Thank you.

  2. Jessie says :

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