Offended begging – part 2

Luke 8:26-39. Read it. (Look here for part 1)

…The demons leave, enter and kill the pigs and the crowds gather. This is the second group who beg of Jesus. They beg Jesus to leave

If you find yourself uncomfortable with Jesus getting involved in the certain areas of your life regarding money, you have more in common with this crowd who cast Jesus away than with your heavenly Father.

Two thousand pigs (Mark 5:13) died that day. I want you to see that Jesus was willing to sacrifice these stranger’s welfare and fortune in order to bring freedom to one tormented man. Two thousand pigs died so that this single man could find freedom. Can you image the financial implications of loosing that much livestock?! Those people may very well have depended on that herd for food and provision. If a full grown pig costs $200 today, that herd of pigs would cost $400,000. Jesus was willing to spend someone else’s $400,000 to “buy” this man’s freedom. Anyone feeling uncomfortable yet?

If you are more concerned about how allowing Jesus into your life will effect your wallet more than your concern for the people living in your life who need to be freed, you are deceived by money. Repent! Look around you! People are hurting and tormented and your concern is, “I hope Jesus doesn’t want my money!” What if it took $400,00 to sent one person free? Jesus thought it was worth it, do we?

These people weren’t afraid of going to hell like the demons, they were afraid of Jesus actually staying around and changing the way things are done. They didn’t trust Jesus. Their interpretation of this encounter was, “Jesus is a trouble-maker because he obviously doesn’t care at all about our income and economic state!” They were terrified of Jesus because they recognized his power while still being blind to the fact that he was good. They didn’t trust Him to be good. Maybe they hadn’t heard the promises, “Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that carries over into eternity.” (John6:27) They probably weren’t there when Jesus said, “Seek first my kingdom and righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” (Matt 6:33) They never even asked if Jesus would feed them in their hunger. Even if there were five thousand people , Jesus could have fed them with a few loaves and fish. Instead of asking for help, they asked him to leave so that they could get about to fixing their own problems.

The final person to beg on Jesus was the healed, sane, clothed, peaceful man himself…


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About Nathan Banker

Nathan, Michelle and their two sons are occupational ministers in the Twin Cities. They do spiritual mentoring, a form of prayer ministry call Prayer Resolution and help run a small church-like community called Immerse. They dream of changing the world, one person at a time.

2 responses to “Offended begging – part 2”

  1. Christopher Rush says :

    Cute Pic for such a hard word. Very good tho never thought of that passage that way

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