Two Year Prayer

Tornado damaged truck

May 22nd 2011. Two weeks before I deployed to Kuwait for my second round in the Middle East while in the Air National Guard. This happened. Our house did pretty well considering, but the tornado wasn’t so nice on my truck… as you can see. It was totalled.

We had insurance coverage and got about as much money as I originally paid for the truck!

But then God asked me to do something crazy. He asked me to give the truck money to the church.

I was about to deploy and I didn’t need any vehicle for at least the next 6 months, so that wasn’t a problem. I started to ask God about it and I felt like He was saying, “Honor me in this and I will give you a truck.” So we started praying. I didn’t tell anyone that we were looking for another truck. I didn’t need to. My heavenly Father knew.

Sept 18, 2011 Ali Al Salem, Kuwait:
Father, you are teaching me to hear your voice. I am attempting to walk in obedience to what I hear. I believe that you told me to give away the insurance money for my truck. I did. I did it with an assurance that you would provide as you have always provided… increase our faith. I have told Michelle that you will provide. I don’t want to trust any thing or person, bank account or charity. I want you to prove to me and my wife that you can be trusted to provide. This is my first time ever asking for such a specific need that is really a need. Prove yourself as we give you opportunity to display your power and love. I am asking for a truck, not a car, and not money… Or a work van. Glorify yourself.

My wife and I have been doing the one-car thing for the last year and a half since returning from Kuwait. We figured that God would give us a new vehicle when He thought it was a good idea. We didn’t want to take on extra expenses with insurance and gas unless it was clearly God providing as we started full time ministry.

We learned to use the amazing metro system here in Minneapolis. I got into shape biking some more. I learned how many 2x4s I can fit in the Corolla with the back seat down. I learned how to ask my friends who own trucks for help (I was gutting and remodeling our living room, entry way and both bathrooms during this time).

Last week we were offered a car for free. I wasn’t sure what to make of that since we had been praying for a truck for almost two years.

May 2nd, 2013. Text: Please call at your convenience re: Truck 763-xxx-xxxx.

Guess what? God hears. God is faithful. You can bank on his faithfulness.

So I went over to the house of a family friend tonight because he was going to give me a dollar by which I was going to “buy” his truck from him for a dollar. You can’t make this stuff up.

So why did it take two years?

Last week God told me something while I was driving to do a full-day session of Prayer Resolution with a missionary who was in town. I was asking God for provision and reminded Him of the scripture, “Seek first my Kingdom and righteousness and everything else will be added unto you…” I told God that I really was seeking His kingdom first.

Holy Spirit convicted me.

I stopped dead in my thoughts.

“You haven’t been seeking the Kingdom, you’ve been trying to advance it.” The thought flashed through my mind.

I pulled a “Martha.”

God told me that the promise is not for those who seek to export the Kingdom, but those who enter into the Kingdom themselves. “Seek first…”



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About Nathan Banker

Nathan, Michelle and their two sons are occupational ministers in the Twin Cities. They do spiritual mentoring, a form of prayer ministry call Prayer Resolution and help run a small church-like community called Immerse. They dream of changing the world, one person at a time.

2 responses to “Two Year Prayer”

  1. Brenda P (@justbrendap) says :

    Thanks for sharing! I’m working on my own trust God for a specific provision moment/season, and I really needed this encouragement.

  2. Tim Ellingson says :

    Thanks Nate! I’ve been in this place of “Seeking first the Kingdom” for many years now. I still struggle with it from time to time, seeking after a desired outcome instead of simply seeking the Kingdom! My prayer, like yours is Father, show me You in this place, this situation, this struggle, or this time of praise! He is faithful, His word is true, and the Kingdom is a great place to hang out! 🙂

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