Vow of silence

Dylon was 11 years old when he was brought in to get a medical procedure done. He had developed a substantial fear of medical procedures as he went to the ER over 100 times before he was 14. He tried to avoid this procedure by hiding in the janitor’s closet in the clinic. They finally got him to come out by threatening to use giant needles if he didn’t. He had to be held down by 4 doctors and nurses while his parents allowed it to happen. He screamed for them to rescue him, but his parents did not step in.

He left feeling violated and abandoned. He took a vow never to forgive his mom and to never talk about it. Both of these vows were unwise.

The first vow left him bitter and angry for many years. When he started Prayer Resolution he was still angry about the way his mom had allowed this to happen to him without defending him and playing it off as no-big-deal, leaving him feeling like he was all alone and had to face every problem that came his way in isolation. The anger didn’t go away, it only festered like an infected wound over years and years of silence.

The second vow forced him to suppress the injustice he felt and did not allow God’s healing for many years. Even as an adult, knowing that God was telling him it was time to find healing from this, he was unable to speak about the event, even to his counselor. The counselor ended up using hypnosis on him, forcing him to break his vow by by-passing his free-will. This also opened a door to the Kingdom of Darkness and led to new trauma that happened after he left the counselor while he had not fully awakened from the hypnosis. His brain had completely blocked out what happened during that time until we asked his Heavenly Father to restore his memory (just enough of it) so that this unnecessary wound could also be completely resolved.

He accused his parents (especially his mom), the medical staff and a few other people who could have helped him after that traumatic experience. He also accused the counselor who used hypnosis on him in a harmful way, causing more harm than good. Even though he fully recognized the extent of their sin against him, he chose to follow in his Father’s example and forgive. In the end he realized that forgiving them would free him from the emotional bondage of this trauma. He knew that he wasn’t giving up on justice because his heavenly Father knows what perfect justice looks like for this situation and was fighting for justice on his behalf now. He was finally free and we went on to resolve and release him from his unwise vows and corresponding wounds.


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About Nathan Banker

Nathan, Michelle and their two sons are occupational ministers in the Twin Cities. They do spiritual mentoring, a form of prayer ministry call Prayer Resolution and help run a small church-like community called Immerse. They dream of changing the world, one person at a time.

2 responses to “Vow of silence”

  1. Fritzie says :

    Amazing………I wanna be part of stuff like this! Thanks for sharing………..saw you are also on for workshops at the Holy Spirit Conference! Very Cool!

  2. Michael Banker says :

    Revival one by one. Praise God that this young man is restored from this incident. The old has now been put off.

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