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Off to the East

China VisaOn November 10th I am leaving on a jet plane. China bound.

Three and a half weeks away from my soon-to-be 10 month old is not an appealing opportunity by any stretch of the imagination. Michelle and I found that we were more than able to survive months apart from each other when I deployed to the Middle East while serving in the Air Force, but having Isaac is a game changer. If my immediate family was the only factor, then this would be a no-brainer. Still, we believe that God said, “Go” so I’m going.

My passion is to help people who are hurting be healed.

So, what am I doing over there? The same ministry I have been doing here: Prayer Resolution. It is, by far, the most life-changing and holistic way for any believer to deal with their past so that they are free to live in the present (healthily!) and move forward toward whatever God has for them in the future (that I know of).

So why go there to do what you’re already doing here?

It’s not that we are short of people here who are hurting and want help. Quite the opposite. For every person healed there will be half a dozen people who will want to go through it as they watch their friend transform. Health is contagious in the Kingdom. Once you taste it, you want the whole deal.

So, why go then? A couple of reasons: There are a number of men (it’s a rather rare thing for men to want to go through this in China… I guess that’s the same story here, but not so stark) who need to get through as many sessions as possible by the end of November. Most of the Safe Others whom my dad has trained are women, so he needs some support of the male type.

When God says, “Go,” who am I to change the assignment?

Another reason for me to go is for my own personal development. It is simply invaluable to work with a wide variety of Safe Others to learn from them and see different perspectives. I also have this dream of some day doing this ministry internationally (not necessarily me personally, but I’d be down) traveling wherever needed in support of missionaries in the field. The more cross-cultural experience I can get, the better.

Finally, I will get to spend Thanksgiving with my family in China. Of course, this is a win-lose for me since I will not be spending Thanksgiving with Michelle and Isaac. Bummer.

Here’s a couple of things that God orchestrated for this to come together:

  1. A couple of different people gave to us financially, totaling $250. This completely covered the visa costs for me.
  2. 20,000 delta miles points from a good friend that gave me just enough points, with the points I already had, for the entire round-trip. He actually had to pay Delta a bunch of money to transfer the points to me. This was a huge blessing (however ridiculous the policy is).
  3. A whole bunch of prayer support.

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