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Uncomfortable questions

I don’t have an answer for these questions which will be able to be applied to every person out there, but I think they are questions that every person should authentically ask.

Here are some things I have heard from people while I’ve been on this earth:

You need to take care of your family.”

“Start saving early so that you have enough when you want to retire.”

“Invest wisely”

“Go to college and get a good job.”

“You need to be able to support yourself.”

“God helps those who help themselves.”

“Start a 401k.”

“Save up 3 months wages in an emergency fund.“

“Prepare for the future.”

What does Jesus teach?

Let’s try really hard not to interpret these verses by what the DON’T mean.

What DO they mean?

How DO we apply these crazy things?

How do we read his words without twisting them because of our worldly perspectives?

Lets try to hear these things without pre-conceived ideas of what it means.


John 6:27 “Do not work for the food which perishes.”


Matthew 6:24 “Cannot serve both God and money. Don’t worry about food/drink/clothing/tomorrow” Paraphrased


Luke 12:16-34 Story of the new barns & dying. “Don’t build a shore house for tomorrow and don’t worry about what you will eat/drink/wear.” Paraphrased


Mark 10:21-31 To the rich guy: “Sell everything you own.” It’s impossible to enter the Kingdom with your money and without God.


Luke 5:1-11 Jesus asks His new disciples to leave their recently acquired financial breakthrough.


1 Timothy 6:5-10 Be content with food and clothing

 If these things don’t mean what He actually said, what DO they mean?

Why are we so quick to assume that this can’t be taken at face value?

What if these things were true?

  • Don’t work for physical food.
  • Don’t worry about what you are going to eat, drink or wear.
  • Don’t worry about tomorrow.
  • Don’t save up for the future.
  • Sell your possessions and give it to the poor.
  • Be content with food and clothing.
  • Seek the Kingdom more than you seek food and clothing.

Is Jesus telling you not to have a job? Why not?

Is Jesus telling you to quit your job and leave everything you are doing now in order to follow Him? Why not?

Is Jesus telling you to sell everything you own and give it away? Why not?

Is Jesus saying that you should be okay with only having food and clothing? So, no phone, no house, no car, no furniture, no computer, no TV, no video games etc. Why not?

Why not?

Don’t try answering these questions on your own. Connect with a community of trusted believers and hash this stuff out. Study the context of these verses. Study how the disciples applied Jesus’ words. Challenge each other.

Ask God a direct question in prayer:

Father, how do You want me to respond to these scriptures?

This walk isn’t designed to be walked alone.


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