“Once you start sinning, you might as well enjoy yourself.”

He found an online sex site.

He went to meet the girl he had picked out online.

He was using money to purchase women and receive sexual encounters and favors.

All along he felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit, but he chose to ignore it.

He believed a lie that told him:

“Once you start sinning, you might as well enjoy yourself.”

Like many people within Christianity, he had heard the purity talk. So much stress is put on not crossing “that line” that when people do cross that line they give up all hope and start acting as if they are utterly defiled, doing defiling things.

Where is “that line” anyway?

When does sex start?

Once people feel like they have cross the “point of no return” they often give in completely and fall into horrible depths of destructive living.

He believed that because he had already sinned it was too late and he was compelled to carry it out to completion.

First he needed to deal with the bonds and defilement that were established in the act. The blood of Jesus is enough for these things, but it needed to be applied specifically. Cleansing, claims and bonds needed to be addressed in prayer as well as forgiveness.

He confessed that he believed this lie and asked God to forgive him. He did his own part by telling God that he wanted nothing to do with this lie anymore and asked God to do His part by breaking the power of that lie. He then asked God to do one more thing: Give him a Truth to replace the lie.

He saw in his mind a galaxy, full of stars.

He didn’t know why God was showing him this so he asked what it meant.

God told him that he didn’t create all of those stars in one sweeping choice.

Each and every star was a decision.

God wasn’t compelled to make 3 million more stars because he had made the first star of a galaxy.

At every step he had a choice.

God told him that every sin is a decision, every time. They are real events as much as the stars that were made are real.

“I don’t have to continue. I can repent early. When I don’t sin, I have more time for intimacy with God. Time spent is valuable to God.”

God’s truth for him was:

“Every decision, second and minute matters. They are very precious to God.”


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About Nathan Banker

Nathan, Michelle and their two sons are occupational ministers in the Twin Cities. They do spiritual mentoring, a form of prayer ministry call Prayer Resolution and help run a small church-like community called Immerse. They dream of changing the world, one person at a time.

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