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Many of us are walking wounded. Our pasts follow us everywhere. We feel a weight on our chest and on our shoulders. Certain memories trigger intense and painful emotions. Is this how God called us to live? Simply coping with our pasts while thinking happy thoughts so that we can hopefully survive until we die or Christ returns? No, coping isn’t a biblical concept. Healing is.

Prayer Resolution is a form of prayer ministry. We, as the Safe Others, assist you as you go before your heavenly Father and he heals you of your past. This is always done on his terms, no our own, so it is helpful to have someone walk with you who has already walked that road.

Forgiveness is the pivot point for healing. Without forgiveness there is no resolution. Forgiveness starts with extending forgiveness to those who hurt you. What does it really mean to forgive? Are they simply words we use in an attempt to convince ourselves that the pain we received didn’t really hurt or that it wasn’t really a big deal? The stance we take in Prayer Resolution is that forgiveness is trusting God enough to allow Him to do justice on my behalf even to the point where my own sense of justice is satisfied. Forgiveness then includes receiving forgiveness for your own part.

Nate and Michelle are both trained Prayer Resolution safe others and work out of their home in Minneapolis. PR is ideally done with two safe others, one man, one woman. Nate has worked with people from around the world and local folk doing Prayer Resolution. He is always willing to follow God’s leading to new people and places, wherever people are in need. He believes that God will provide all means for His work to be accomplished, regardless of the apparent obstacles, according to his timing.

Prayer Resolution was developed over the past 30 years by two Bible translators from Wycliffe, Richard & Connie Smith of Cross Resources Inc. to help restore workers in ministry. They have applied counseling wisdom that is consistent with the biblical principles they discovered while translating to develop the Prayer Resolution healing process.

Nate’s parents, Mike and Denise, also do Prayer Resolution as a ministry overseas. You can visit their blog to learn more about the work God is doing over there and hear more powerful stories of healing.

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