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Your Theology Should Work

The premise for my upcoming book – Forgiveness Fail – is that many believers today are authentically trying to forgive, but it doesn’t change anything. They’re still bitter, angry and frustrated. Here’s an excerpt from my book:

I grew up overseas in an Eastern country that is not too favorable of their people converting to Christianity. One of my favorite recreational activities was to “teach” our visiting friends a few helpful phrases. It never worked like I wanted it to, mostly because my mom would come to their rescue. Dad, on the other hand, was probably the one who gave me the idea in the first place. The hope was that my friends and family would stroll around town saying, “I have no underwear,” as a formal greeting.

As soon as they started speaking, it would be blatant that they were led astray. The gag would come to a screeching halt, and they would be forced to creatively discover ways to test their newly acquired words before committing to them whole-heartedly, boldly proclaiming their lack of undergarments while wearing an all-too-friendly smile.

We need to start treating our theology in a similar manner.

We know that the Bible is true, like we know that the language we are trying to learn works. What we don’t know is how to appropriately apply the Bible in a way that produces the correct result. Your theology should work! If your theology doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, then it is wrong.

Language confusion
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I have already forgiven them

I want to change the culture around forgiveness. There is too much distortion on such a critical doctrine… So, I’ve made the questionable decision to add horribly drawn cartoons to my book: Forgiveness Fail – How the Millennial church can rediscover a forgiveness process that works. Here’s a sneak-preview:

No respect 1

Forgiveness Fail: How the Millennial Church can rediscover a forgiveness process that works.

Forgiveness Fail: How the Millennial Church can rediscover a forgiveness process that works. A book by Nathan Banker


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