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Here is an excerpt from my up-coming book, Forgiveness Fail: How the Millennial Church can Rediscover a Forgiveness Process that Works.

When talking about forgiveness, the issue of Justice inevitably comes up. I argue that we have a right to see justice, but before I can explain that it’s God’s job to do justice on our behalf, Angry Andy jumps the gun…


Perfect! I have the right for justice. I am finally justified in using my cross-bow with the exploding arrows on that little punk who insulted my mullet. And, my wife told me it was a worthless purchase… ha!

Not so fast. Seriously, don’t. I don’t want to be held liable for you going all crazy-redneck on some innocent kid who told you the truth in love.

cross bow

Forgiveness: Does it work?

So, I’m writing a book about how forgiveness doesn’t seem to work for so many people. I think a lot of people are jaded and fed up with high-sounding theologies that don’t have any real-life application or effect. People have tried “forgiving” others for years, but still feel the same anger and bitterness that they did the day the offense happened. Sometimes it’s even gotten worse over time.

I want to know what you think about forgiveness.

Are you frustrated or have you found healing?

What are some misconceptions you think people have about forgiveness?

What are some practical steps you can take to do the deed?

How do you define forgiveness?

Do you have a story about trying to forgive without success?

Supporting a work of God

Tomorrow, we leave.

25 hours of travel time expected over the next two days.

15 month toddler and one on the way.

This is going to fun!

I started this journey back in December while I was in Beijing chatting with my dad. I had just spent three weeks helping hurting ones become healed ones and we were already talking about a return trip.

I did some sessions with a few men from a Chinese worship school in Beijing. They are now back in session and I plan on doing more sessions with them this time around.

Doing 3-hour prayer sessions dealing with the deepest, most painful parts of people’s lives is difficult. Doing that through a translator is something altogether different!

Holy Spirit dependency.

I also worked with a few english-speaking folk. I am hoping to finish the life of one woman with whom I did about 5 sessions last time.

This is a ground-breaking trip for me. I have a dream of a Prayer Resolution special forces squad that is highly trained, highly experienced and highly mobile who can deploy all over the world helping burned out missionaries, fallen pastors and other hurting ones (trafficked women, those escaping cults, etc).

This trip is the first step toward that dream.

Five of us will be doing sessions over the course of five weeks. Michelle (my wife), Amy, Bob, Ted and myself will be helping the existing and thriving work that is already happening in China. Their biggest need is to work with Chinese men and English speakers.

Almost all of those in China who have been trained in Prayer Resolution are Chinese women.

We aren’t going there to bring them God.

God is already there.

Active. Present. Powerful.

We’re going to support and help a healthy work of God.

To learn more about our trip Click Here.


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