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A Psalm

Undisplayed love is no love at all.
What good father would stand at a distance
Calling out his undying love
And not run full speed to draw near,
Catching up his son in his arms?

Undisplayed love is no love at all.
What good father would speak of ancient days,
Reminiscent of the days of my youth
And be content with things of the past
Denying me the pleasure of a face to face encounter, possibly over coffee?

Undisplayed love is no love at all.
What good father would promise magnificent gifts,
Speaking of a Christmas morning unprecedented throughout history,
But when the child awakens to reality that morn
Finds but a note on the tree that reads, This will make you stronger?

Show me your love Father! I want to see it and taste it.
I want to bathe in it and inhale it.
I’m not content to speak of it or read the promises.
Where is my Christmas morning?

Take joy in displaying you undying love for me.
Find pleasure in disproportionate favor.
Excite yourself in giving me gift after gift, new every morning.

I am like a spoiled child, not content with yesterday’s mysteries revealed,
Though I am grateful and will try my best not to forget.
I long for tomorrow. I long to awaken.
What profound lavish truffle awaits me when I open my eyes to a new day with the greatest of Daddies.

When I speak of your love for your child, let it be from a place of real knowledge.
Let me not know of your goodness as a mere concept or theory,
Like a black hole that might exist somewhere, possibly.
Drown me in your love. Let me feel the unrelenting pull of the staggering force of gravity too powerful to resist.
Let me become dizzy with love as I spin round and round this vortex, sucking me deeper into the darkness where nothing exists but you and me.

Display your love as you did in ages past.
Show us a sign, a hint of your love, a glint of your power.
Display the power of your love through wonders and miracles.
I, myself, long to see your passion and the world shares my heart.

Do not remain silent.
Your enemy speaks lies to your children saying,
“Where is this loving God? Where are his miracles?”
Why let your powerful love be an ancient ruin?
Why let the world study it and speak of it like a city long ago destroyed?
Let us never become archeologists of God.

How much greater is my Father among the best of fathers?
And how much more powerful an arm to show it?
He will not allow my longing to go unfulfilled for long.
My anticipation is building and my joy will overflow
As He hears and responds to my cries.

Let it be.


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