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I was given this opportunity and you’ll never guess what happened next…

By Michelle Banker:


I know you’ve heard about the global sex trafficking crisis, but how often do we get a chance to actually connect with and love those who are in the middle of it? I have an opportunity to do just that. I have a chance to meet face to face with those who are exploited and hurting. I believe that true healing and life-change happens when you can look someone in the eye and show her how valuable she is.

Thinking about writing this post made me a bit sweaty (TMI?). Multiple reasons. First, it’s always somewhat awkward to ask people for any type of help, financial or otherwise. Second, when I find myself thinking about this trip, the predominant feelings I have are excitement and nervousness…AND pukey-ness…that’s a feeling. This could be due to the fact that this trip is venturing outside of my comfort bubble, or perhaps I am having an adverse reaction to gluten.

The country of Thailand is highlighted in this map. Bangkok, the capital, is shown as a call-out.

So, here we go! There’s definitely something that draws me to Thailand, even though I’ve never been there. When I first heard about the trip I had this intense excitement rise up in me. Then, every time that I thought about it, that same feeling would come back. As far as dream mission trips are concerned, this is mine.

Can’t ignore it.

In order for me to go to Thailand and to participate in this adventurous mission, I need your help!

Because you don’t have a lot of time, here are the brass tacks of the trip:

  • I’d love prayer support, like, seriously pray for me and tell me about it
  • If you don’t believe in prayer, I’d appreciate your love and support
  • This trip is through Arise! Women
  • Dates: September 8-20 2015
  • Destination: Pattaya and Bangkok, Thailand
  • I need your financial support. The trip costs $2216 + and I plan on raising all of those funds through donations.

Here’s an overview/background info that Ali (one of the trip leaders) sent to me about the trip:

In Thailand, when you talk about prostitution, you talk about Pattaya. Known around the world as Thailand’s number one sun, sea and sex destination, it is home to at least 20,000 male, female and child prostitutes. During their high season, about one million visitors crowd Pattaya’s bars, nightclubs, massage parlors or steam baths.

We will be working with an established ministry that is a center for help, healing and hope. This ministry offers the ladies jobs in their card-making program, hairdressing salon, bakery, restaurant and other income-earning activities. They also give courses in life skills, English and how to connect with God. We will be going into the red-light districts in Pattya for outreach and connection, teaching English, sharing testimonies, as well as teaching vocational skills with women that have been rescued, and offering ministry appointments for the girls and staff.


We are partnering with a ministry that has been around since 2005. It is a registered jewelry business offering holistic employment; and the non-profit branch focuses on holistic intervention for women, families and communities affected by the global sex industry.

We will be meeting with rescued girls and ministering to them through private prayer appointments. We will pray for each girl individually and love on her. We will be sharing in chapel, doing outreach in the brothels, and hosting a red-light district party. This party will be a chance to invite the girls and kids to come in for food, make-up, prayer and games. We will be helping with their beauty shop as an outreach tool and offer any training skills that we have.

A question that haunts me (in a good way, friends) is, what does love look like? I believe that God made love to be practical. I can’t wait to love on these beautiful people in a practical way.

I know that this is a life-changing opportunity for me.

If you are able to respond with financial support, please send checks payable to “Arise! Women.” to:

Michelle Banker
1236 Upton Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55411

For tax deductible purposes, my name cannot appear anywhere on the check. Please mail the checks to me for collection and then I will forward them to Arise! Women’s Ministry. All donations made to Arise! Women are tax-deductible.

Upcoming Trip

As you may know, I have been doing Prayer Resolution ministry for two years now. I have seen God do amazing things. I feel like I have become a skilled, specialized surgeon, knowing how to lead people to healing in areas that many (if not most) in the church are unable to help with. It’s humbling and daunting. There are so many hurting people and so few workers.

I feel like we have removed three tumors that I didn’t even know were there! – Unnamed. After a recent session.
As you may not know, I am following in the footsteps of my parents who are doing this same ministry in China. They have an amazing movement that they are spearheading over there. They simply can’t keep up with the amount of fruit that God is bringing. People are healed, shortly followed by everyone who knew that person wanting the same healing. The interest in Prayer Resolution has been exponential and organic.

The Prayer Resolution community is in the process of working with a worship school in a major city in China. There are 18 students who want to go through as many sessions of Prayer Resolution as possible over the next couple of months. One of the difficulties in this is that the majority of those people are men. Typically, men don’t participate in this sort of thing for whatever reason. This is great news that so many men want to do this! The problem is that most of the Safe Helpers that my dad has trained are women and they need more men to work with the men.

I (Nate) have been invited to go to China for three or so weeks to work through a translator doing Prayer Resolution with hurting ones. There are many things still up in the air (ticket, visa, and schedule) but we feel as if God has given me permission to go. We feel like it would be a great opportunity for personal growth in the area of working with other cultures, encouraging to be with family and helpful to those hurting ones who need sessions.

Fine Print: This is subject to not happening at all. We need God to work out the details.

Prayer Requests:

  • That God would work out: Ticket, Visa and Schedule
  • That Nate would work well with a translator and within the Chinese culture.
  • That Nate would endure being away from Michelle and Isaac for so long (he is also hoping to go do PR in Florida in Oct for two weeks).
  • That Michelle would be able to spend that time with family and not feel horribly bored and left out.
  • That Isaac would not do anything new developmentally without being caught on video for daddy.

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